Sue Blythe, M.Ed., Consultant

Resume (PDF)

As a lifelong educator I have served students, teachers and parents in Alachua, Bradford and Monroe Counties, Florida. I have taught students all over the world through the internet. I enjoy providing learning experiences for young people and adults to help create a better world.

My programs include:

  • Spiritual Parenting - A workshop series for parents planning, expecting, or raising children
    This four-week course offers insights into the child's spiritual and social development from conception to age 15. By developing virtues in ourselves and our children, we can help create a world of loving relationships. All family members and those who care for children informally or professionally benefit from this interactive learning experience.

  • Creative Consulting
    I'll help you design a learning environment for your school or business based on universal principles of sustainable living and peace. My goal is to help create a better world through education.

Please contact me at (352) 376-0414 or () to discuss how I can be of service to you, your family, your school or business.